The "TOP VAC CANADA Advantage" - Specialized vacuum service for the removal of roof top ballast stone to loose fill attic insulation. We clear the way, making roofing and renovation jobs easier for roofers, contractors, businesses and homeowners.  We have both the equipment and the expertise to get the job done, professionally, proficiently and in a cost effective manner to move you project to the next stage.

Vacuum 24/7 Advantage

Reduce labour costs while transferring the financial liability of stone removal at a fixed cost. Reduce the potential injuries to you and your staff. Receive a cleaner surface prep for installation of a new roof. Reduce environmental exposure to pitch dust and other contaminates.  Increase productivity by freeing up your staff to work on other projects.  Finally a single step handling of material from roof deck to ground level.

Attic insulation removal to either replace old, fire, water or smoke damaged insulation.  New cellulose can be installed to meet new code standards, seal penetration points to refresh your attic.  We also offer a high performance, 100% sealed "close-cell" spray foamed attic system which stops all air leakage, dramatically reduces energy costs and forms a massive thermal barrier.

Our equipment can be remotely located and vacuum over 1000 linear feet in distance.  Since our unit is a "stand alone vacuum" it can continue to fill multiple dump units without downtime.

We can vacuum silos bins, dry loose factory waste, spill sites and transfer material for relocation.

The Meyer Versa-VacOS 19 Hp insulation removal vacuum is designed for fast, profitable removal of blown-in insulation as well as fire, water and smoke damaged insulation from attics, sidewalls and crawl spaces. Waste material can be discharged directly into 75 cu. ft. disposable collection bags or directly into a Dumpster receptacle.