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We at TOP VAC CANADA recognize the value of having the right tool for the right job!  Our specialized equipment allows us to do the best job in the most effective and efficient manner possible. 

Even multi-story buildings are routinely vacuumed from distances approaching 500 feet horizontally.  When removing the ballast stone, the process must be scheduled within days of the roof stocking date, because a roof with its ballast removed is not securely held down.  Once the job is stocked, the materials are spread evenly throughout the roof to act as ballast until the new roof system is installed. We can either dispose of the roof top ballast or the roofer can have the option to recycle the stone.

Our staff are fully trained and comply with all required safety standards and procedures. Our commitment to a high professional standards is what you can expect from Top Vac Canada. 



Our focus has always been to maintain a safe work environment.  Safety is not only the law, it is our goal, and we consistently strive to create a zero risk environment for our customers, our staff, and the public at large.  We are fully insured and routinely ensure that our procedures are compliant with Workplace & Safety.


· We maintain compliance with a Safety Program.

· Compliance with Provincial, Client Specific or Site Specific Safety Requirements.

· Confined Space Training.

· Asbestos Worker Certified

· Respirator fit tested and training.

· Appropriate clothing, company uniform and protective gear is mandatory.

· Site specific safety training, hazard assessment orientation is conducted on all locations. Signage and perimeter warning flags are installed around all equipment on site as well as keeping public traffic safe.

· Site Supervisor and or Employee Safety Rep always on site at all times.


"We Clear the WAY!"


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