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Roofing Ballast Stone Removal Quote


We service the roofing industry as a support sub-trade to remove ballast stone from flat or sloped roofing.  We can also supply spray applied roofing foam and coating for those looking to achieve greater energy efficiency using a cool roofing system.

Spray Applied Roofing System is often referred to as a “cool roof” system.  Both the foam and coating work together to isolate and separate temperature gradient across its thicknessSeamless and waterproof with a lower future maintenance cost makes it an excellent investment that pay back in energy savings.


COMMERCIAL ROOFERS AND BUILDING OWNERS contacting us please indicate:


The type of rock or stone and its size. (pea-stone, river-stone, granite slag or other)  How many roofing squares or square feet are needed to be cleared. (One Roofing Square=100 Square feet) You can also email a PDF of the roofing drawing. We will also need to know how thick is the ballast. (Light, medium or heavy) How tall is the building, height affects the cost of work performed.  Is it a multi-roof, if so, how many roof areas and are they adjacent. 

Our charge includes vacuuming all loose stone or rock.  Any embedded rock or stone can be removed for an additional charge. Include the site address so that we might review satellite images of the project site. What type of roof is being installed single ply, BUR, spray foam or other. Requested start date.






The first step is to call for an on-site inspection to determine the condition of the roof and what issues are occuring.  Since preparation and repair work are a critical step, walking every inch of the roof is the key to a successful new roof.  While on the roof, we will be able to measure the roof, calculate the extent of repair and restoration, determine the correct application of foam and coating, scheduling of when work can get started and provide you with a detailed quote and warranty.


The first step is to call for an on-site inspection to determine the condition of the metal roof and what issues are occuring.  We will walk ever inch the roof evaluating the condition of the sheeting, flashing, fastners and the seams.  Roof top equipment, vents and stacks are usually a point of weakness and must also be inspected.  We will be able to determine a course of action and what steps are required to restore the surface to a primed substate that is ready for us to successfully apply a protective coating.  While on the roof, we will be able to measure the roof, calculate the extent of repair and restoration, determine the level of corrosion and whether or not a complete replacement is necessary.    We will then be able to to provide you with a quote for your consideration.

Avoid costly re-sheeting by having the existing roof restored and coated with a UV reflective coating that created a seamless protective seal over all fastners and seams.

Upgrade your commercial or residential home with energy efficient insulation,  is one of the quickest energy-payback projects you can do, resulting in lower heating and cooling bills and increased comfort.


Hybrid or Fullfill installation of Spray Foam. 



Attic systems vary greatly, so its best to have it inspected first.  Removal of wood chips or other damaged insulation (wet, fire or smoke damaged or pest infested) allows us to refresh these spaces to meet new code requirements, qualify for various available grants and to provide for superior insulating performance.  Contact us directly so that we might discuss all of the options available to you.

A small sample can be taken and evaluated to determine whether or not it contains as asbestos.

Vermiculite Warning!

Vermiculite insulation is a mica-like mineral ore produced out of the Libby Mine in Montana from 1920's to 1990.  It was sold as "Zonolite Attic Insulation" throughout Canada and may contain amphibole asbestos.  Although the overall percentage of asbestos in bulk vermiculite are very low, the airborne percentage can increase if the material is disturbed.  The best way to minimize your risk of amphibole asbestos exposure is to avoid disturbing vermiculite-based insulation in any way.


Should removal become necessary, proper "Asbestos Removal & Abatement" procedures must be followed.


Work must be conducted by a licensed, certified contractor specializing in asbestos abatement. Ecologic Spray Foam is one of the few spray foam companies in Manitoba that are level three asbestos certified and are key to any remediation.



"We Clear the WAY!"


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