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Top Vac Canada removes the ballast stone to expose the underlying roof membrane. Every roof tells a story and therefore, ever square foot must be walked and evaluated. Delaminations, blisters, penetrations and saturation zones must be clearly marked and addressed.  Drainage issues and ponding areas can be assessed and repaired during the spray process.


Buildings often benefit structurally by removing the over-burden weight of ballast stone that can add upwards of 12lbs per square foot to the roof assembly.


Saturated areas must be cut out to dry while the entire roof deck required anchoring with roofing screw plates in the event of extent of delamination.  Breather valves are installed every 1000 sq.ft. to allow any accumulated humidity to leave the roof assembly.


Its worthwhile mentioning, that on the project sited here, converting to a spray foam roof system avoided an expensive complete tearoff that would have otherwise been necessary.



Top Vac Canada works in partnership with Ecologic Spray Foam providing a seamless monolithic spray foam roofing system.  The combination of spray foam and protective coating offers a "double water" barrier while creating a massive thermal barrier that saves you energy costs.

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TopVac Canada vacuumed and powered air-blasted the roof clean to prepare the roof surface  

TOP 10 Causes of Roof Failure

1. Storm Damage

2. Neglected Maintenance

3. Obstructed Drainage

4. Roof mounted accessories such as vents, fan units, pipes, etc.

5. Vandalism

6. Deteriorated Flashing

7. Abandoned Equipment

8. Unauthorized Leak Repair

9. Installation of New Equipment

10. Contiguous Building wall Issues

3lb Close-Cell Roofing Spray foam can seal transition areas, roof top equipment, expansion joints, penetration points and parapets better than most tradition methods.  This layer acts as a moisture barrier as well as a monolithic thermal barrier. The spray foam is then covered by a UV protective coating which acts as a secondary water barrier. There are several types of coatings to choose from but they all serve the same function; protect the foam surface, acts as a water barrier and reflect solar radiant heat off the surface. This is often referred to as a "cool roof system",utilizing specialty coating that reflect the sun's light before it can turn into surface heat significantly reduces temperatures. For example, a 35C day raises black roof top temperature to 76 C, while a UV coated roof would not exceed 48C, a temperature drop of 30%.

Spray foam can uniquely fill in voids or cutouts. Can create increased slope for better drainage.  A foam grinder can be used create drainage channels to redirect water away from problem areas.


A two step process involving a minimum 2" application of 3lb close-cell polyureathane spray foam followed by a renewable UV protective top coat which should be applied at a minimum of 50 dry mils.  Increased thickness, increases the longevity between recoats.  At between 50 to 60 dry mils, the expected lifespan could run 18 to 24 years.  There are three significant advantages to this system. It creates a "double water barrier" that is completely seamless.  It adds a thermal energy saving blanket across the entire surface which lowers ongoing utility costs in both summer and winter conditions.  Lastly,  this system offers lower future maintenance cost because recoating is a fraction of the cost of conventional tearoff and reroofing.  Truely the only renewable and extended life roofing system on the market.


ENVIROKOTES uses a highly reflective, low-odor, synthetic liquid rubber membrane designed to waterproof and restore existing metal roof.  The application is lightweight, waterproofing system will only add one-fifth of a pound per square foot to existing roof systems when completed, eliminating the time and cost associated with engineering a new roof system.

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