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Our new cementitious pumping station was designed to fit through a 30" door, can move floor to floor and can operate indoors if required. 

Performance based building envelopes benefit from a continuous air/moisture resistant barrier. Using advance formulated coatings that are resilient, tough and self-sealing Envirokotes can address all types of wall assemblies, substrates, claddings, expansion joints and transitions using TF Membrane. It bonds to itself, so it can be applied at different times and still be continuous. Applied in liquid form, it easily conforms to rough openings, producing an airtight and watertight seal. Where extra strength is required, saturating special fabric mesh reinforcements provides self-gauging thickness and reliably enhanced mechanical properties such as around window and door frames.


Interior wall on a massive blast-freezer required spray foam and needed to be top coated with a protected "food grade approved" epoxy coating to comply with provincial regulations. 


Ecologic Radon Barrier System takes advantage of use of 2lb close-cell spray foam that not only provides insulation but forms a perfect seal in a single application keeping occupants warm inside and radon gas, outside.


With an R-value of R-6/inch Ecologic provides an insulation of R-9 (1.5") beneath the entire surface of the concrete slab, exceeding the code requirements.  The product is sprayed directly onto the crushed drainage stone providing continuous seamless layer of insulation, free of joints.


For floating basement floors, the open ground, knee wall and rim pockets between the joists are sprayed with 2-2.5" of foam to create a sealed tub.


Excellant way to seal existing open earth crawl spaces by encapulating with 2lb close-cell foam. Seal out moisture, cold air leakage and below grade radon gas in one easy application.

Floating basement floor design was encapulate to form a sealed tub below the floor.  Spray foam was used to insulated the walls as well as the main floor joist pockets. 


"We Clear the WAY!"


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